An instructional designer (ID) is the learners' advocate but also an architect who engineers effective learning experiences that should provide engaging learner-centered content and demonstrate leadership and support. To work in this profession means having a unique passion for creating innovative courses that will help others grow and learn in any field. An ID is often expected to have a plethora of skills and demonstrate a variety of competencies including integrating 21st-century ​technology, effective communication and collaboration skills,  analytical thinking, proficiency in media production, and ability to be flexible to all learners' needs. 
     As your instructional designer, I aim to analyze and fix gaps between learning performance and available tools. I am passionate about helping every learner succeed. Having an innovative growth mindset enables me to use technology to enhance learning experiences. I value continued education and seek ways to maximize my designs by continuously learning about the newest tools and methods. As your instructional designer, I aim to gather information, organize, and deliver content to learners in an appealing way using various strategies that produce performance outcomes. 

The possibilities are endless as to what I can help you with!

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